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Yokohama F.Marinos

TSUKUI Group is an official partner of Yokohama F.Marinos (“Marinos”), a professional football club in the J.League.
We are engaged in partnership activities with the main themes of “working together for dementia prevention activities,” “fostering understanding for dementia supporters,” and “support for disability sports.”

Working together for preventing dementia

We support the Friendship Activities organized by the coaches belonging to Marinos and jointly participate in the operation of the Dementia Prevention Program with Marinos, as a partner in the Friendship Football Project, which aims to “create a prosperous society through sports promotion rooted in the community.”

Fostering understanding for dementia supporters

We host the Football Lessons for Three Generations as part of our initiatives for raising the awareness of Dementia Supporters which have proper knowledge and understanding of dementia and provide support to the extent possible to people with dementia and their families in the local region.

Holding fitness soccer classes

Amid the continuing restrictions on activities due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, TSUKUI holds fitness soccer classes with the goal of building healthy bodies and solving the problem of a lack of daily exercise for people aged 40 to 60 who have not had a chance to play much soccer until now and who would like to get some physical exercise.

Support for disability sports

We support a football (soccer) team for people with intellectual disabilities, Yokohama F.Marinos Futuro, and powerchair football, which are two important projects undertaken by Marinos as part of its initiatives for the Inclusive Football (a world where everyone, with or without disabilities, can enjoy football).

Nenrinpic Kanagawa 2022

TSUKUI Group is a Gold Partner of Nenrinpic Kanagawa 2022.
The National Health and Welfare Festival (known as “Nenrinpic”), which has been held every year since 1988, is a festival that fosters exchanges through sports and cultural programs and a variety of other events related to health and welfare. The main goals of the festival are to maintain and promote the health of the public, focusing on the elderly aged 60 or above, encourage social participation, add more purpose to their lives, etc. in order to contribute to the creation of a long-lived society that is vibrant and has closer social interactions.
The 34th Annual National Health and Welfare Festival, hosted by Kanagawa Prefecture, City of Yokohama, Kawasaki City, Sagamihara City, etc., will be held in 2022 in Kanagawa Prefecture for the first time.
The Group sponsors Nenrinpic Kanagawa 2022 and supports its theme of “Wonderful Smiles of Blossoming Longevity in Kanagawa – Smiling Past 100 Years with Presymptomatic Healthcare.”