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TSUKUI Group’ Information Security Policy

The TSUKUI Group aims to be a corporate group that faces and resolves the challenges of an ultra-aging society that people and society are facing under the corporate philosophy of “we will meet the challenges of an ultra-aging society and bring about an age where live 100 years of fulfilling life.”

We recognize that the protection and appropriate use of user information and information generated in our management activities are an important aspect of our business activities. Accordingly, we endeavor to prevent incidents involving such information and continually enhance information security capabilities by implementing measures to improve our business practices.

  1. The TSUKUI Group will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations, rules that must be observed in connection with our business, and our contractual obligations with users and other relevant parties.
  2. The TSUKUI Group will take appropriate security control actions in our handling of information and managing and operating information systems and networks at the organizational, human, and technical levels, so as to protect our information assets against unauthorized intrusion, loss, leakage, alteration, destruction, and interference of use.
  3. With regard to information security, we will determine the roles of persons engaged in work and maintain a system that promotes information security throughout the company in accordance with the Information Security Policy.
  4. The TSUKUI Group will strive to ensure human security by actively raising awareness, educating and training officers and employees to provide greater awareness of information security, and instill familiarity with internal regulations.
  5. Should an incident occur that involves a breach of information security, we will promptly identify the cause and endeavor to minimize damages.
  6. The TSUKUI Group will continually carry out the above-mentioned activities, and at the same time establish an information security management system and strive to maintain and improve it so that we can deal with any new threats.

Updated on April 1, 2022
Takeshi Takabatake, President and Representative Director.