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“Moving toward
the future and beyond.”

We will meet the challenges of
an ultra-aging
society and
bring about an age where
live 100 years of
fulfilling life.

The Group began in 1969 as a civil engineering company that created infrastructure in Japan's period of high growth and, while carrying on the sentiment, “We understand that nursing care is very difficult, and with this understanding, we decided that we want to contribute to society through nursing care jobs,” on which our founder established the nursing care business in 1983, we have come to embody our founder's wishes to contribute to society and contribute to local communities. Since then, we have expanded the scope of our businesses, with the nursing care business as the core business, and grown to become a corporate group currently comprised of seven subsidiaries.

Recently, the social environment and people's awareness regarding nursing care have been changing due to the progression of Japan's aging society. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic that has continued since 2020 has brought about major changes in people's lifestyles. While at the same time, regarding the long-term care insurance system, challenging revisions for nursing care providers from a financial perspective are expected in the future, and measures to address the shortage of nursing care staff have become an urgent need. In this environment, the mission of the Group is to find solutions to the issues of an ultra-aging society in the “Age of 100-Year Lifespans.” We are constantly searching for ways to support our customers' lifestyles in their own home from now on. As “a group that solves the issues of an ultra-aging society facing people and society,” the Group is united in its efforts to create new value through providing support that goes beyond conventional thinking so that people can enjoy a lifestyle that befits them.

We are entering an age of living 100 years of fulfilling life. We believe our sincere challenges can bring someone hope and peace of mind. Going forward, as we will strive to further improve corporate value and contribute to society, we ask for your continued support and understanding.

President and Representative Director,
Takeshi Takabatake