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The nursing care business was established in 1983 based on our founder's sentiment, “We understand that nursing care is very difficult, and with this understanding, we decided that we want to contribute to society through nursing care jobs.” Since then, we have worked to expand the business with the nursing care business as the core business.


Jun. 1969 Tsukui Civil Engineering K.K. established by the founder as a civil engineering company.
Nov. 1978 Trade name changed to Tsukui Industry Corporation.
Mar. 1983 Entered the nursing care business and began home visit bathing services.


Apr. 1992 Began home visit care services.
Sep. 1998 Began outpatient day long term care (day services).
Nov. 1999 Changed the trade name to TSUKUI CORPORATION.


Apr. 2000 Start of Japan's Long Term Care Insurance System.
Dec. 2001 Began a worker dispatching business.
Jun. 2002 Began a fee charging employment placement business.
May 2003 Established first group home.
Nov. 2003 Established first short stay center.
Dec. 2003 Established first pay nursing home.
Dec. 2004 Stock registered for over the counter (OTC) trading with the Japan.
Securities Dealers Association (public stock offering);
Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange in December 2004.


Mar. 2011 Listed on Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Mar. 2012 Assigned to First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Nov. 2014 Established first assisted living facilities.
Jan. 2016 Spinoff of the human resource development business TSUKUI STAFF CORPORATION established.
Mar. 2018 35th anniversary of entry into welfare services business.
May 2018 TSUKUI CAPITAL CORPORATION established TSUKUI Care-Tech Investment Business Limited Partnership.
Dec. 2018 TSUKUI STAFF CORPORATION is listed on JASDAQ (standard) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jun. 2019 50th anniversary Established Brand message and Corporate logo.


May 2020 Subsidiary Preparatory Company for Split of TSUKUI CORPORATION established.
Sep. 2020 DIGITAL LIFE CORPORATION established.
Oct. 2020 Trade name changed to TSUKUI HOLDINGS CORPORATION in conjunction with the transition to a holding company structure.
Business divisions were succeeded to TSUKUI CORPORATION, which changed its trade name on the same date, as a result of the company split.
Jun. 2021 Company shares were delisted in line with a tender offer.
Jul. 2021 Subsidiary Grasol Co., Ltd. established.
Oct. 2021 Absorption-type merger was conducted to make MBKP Life K.K. the surviving company and former TSUKUI HOLDINGS CORPORATION the disappearing entity. Trade name changed to TSUKUI HOLDINGS CORPORATION on the same date.
Oct. 2021 Subsidiary Grasol Co., Ltd. received certification as a special subsidiary.
Jan. 2022 TSUKUI PLAN VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED in Vietnam established by the subsidiary TSUKUI CORPORATION.
Apr. 2022 Shares of TSUKUI STAFF CORPORATION were delisted in line with a tender offer.
Apr. 2022 Acquired shares of akarie Co., Ltd. to make it a subsidiary.
Aug. 2022 Acquired shares of PUP Co., Ltd. to make it a subsidiary by the subsidiary TSUKUI CORPORATION.