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We participate in the Kanagawa Women's Empowerment Support Group that supports female empowerment.

TSUKUI's declaration of actions to support female empowerment (TSUKUI HOLDINGS CORPORATION)

1. Initiatives inside TSUKUI

  1. 1) We continue to maintain the percentage of women being promoted to managerial positions at 40% or more, and will work to expand the range of job responsibilities where women can play an active role so that they can demonstrate their distinct personalities and abilities.
  2. 2) We will promote the use of the Returnship Program by the employees who have left office due to a change in their life stages, supporting their return to the previous position and creating a workplace that empowers women to play an active role again.
  3. 3) We will strive to create a culture where men, as well as women, can actively participate in child-rearing and are committed to creating a work environment where all employees can play an active role, while achieving success both at work and home regardless of gender.

2. Initiatives to spread our movement

We will spread the idea that the nursing care industry is an industry that enables women to achieve a work-life balance while acquiring various skills.

  • * Kanagawa Women's Empowerment Support Group is a support group that was formed in November 2015 by the top male management personnel of companies which are closely associated with Kanagawa Prefecture and actively promoting initiatives to promote female empowerment, and by the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Support for achieving success both at work and nursing care

TSUKUI has been implementing the following initiatives since April 2015 so that employees will be successful both at work and nursing care.

Nursing care leave period and short working hours system for nursing care

We have extended the period for nursing care leave and short working hours for nursing care, by changing it from a maximum of 93 days combined to a maximum of one year each.

System of accumulating expired paid leave

We have established a system that allows employees to use up to 20 days of expired paid leave when they use nursing care leave.

Covering the equivalent of an employee's contribution portion of social insurance during leave

We have started to cover an employee's contribution portion of social insurance (health insurance, long-term care insurance, and employees' pension) during the period of nursing care leave.